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Urban Future Conference in Oslo

  • So. 19.05.2019
  • 09:00 — 18:00
  • 9 h 0 mins
  • 0
  • Oslo
  • +43 680 1254 354, Eugene Quinn
  • ionicons-v5-o eugene@whoosh.wien
  • english

The Urban Future Conference is the largest smart city and urbanist conference in the world. Last year it was hosted in Vienna and this year's venue is Oslo (European Green Capital 2019). Eugene Quinn from space and place will be contributing seven events to this year's conference and presenting Vienna innovations to a global forum.

  • He will live-blog the train ride from Vienna to Oslo reflecting on new green politics as he travels through Prague, Berlin, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Malmö, Gothenburg and Oslo (19-20/5)
  • organize a dialogue evening, where residents can sit down to speak to city-changers from around the world about the future of cities over good Scandinavian food and drinks (21/5)
  • host a session on how to change the minds of residents using honest consultation and clever campaigns (23/5)
  • host a session about new urban mobility & how to get people out of cars & into greener forms of transport (23/5)
  • present a talk on the connections between urban walking and creative problem-solving (23/5)
  • after a screening of new documentary 8 Billion Angels, he will interview the director, on stage of the cinema (24/5)
  • and finally lead a mammoth walk to all 15 of Oslo's city districts (25/5)