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Secret Courtyards of Central Vienna

  • Do. 12.12.2019
  • 19:00 — 21:00
  • 2 h 0 mins
  • Morzinplatz - at the bottom of the stairs up to Ruprechtskirche, 1010 (UI/4 Schwedenplatz)
  • +43 680 1254 354, Eugene Quinn
  • ionicons-v5-o eugene@whoosh.wien
  • German

On this nightwalk, let’s step inside some less-visited parts of the UNESCO world heritage site that is Vienna’s Inner City. Walk leader Eugene loves the cinematic qualities, and silence, of so many hidden corners in the centre of our city. We guarantee you have never seen many of these parts of Wien before. And they are beautiful lost places. The tourists focus on the same six streets up town, leaving much of central Vienna deserted. It is crazy that so many Viennese avoid the centre of our city, judging it to be Disneyland. Wrong! It is our city and so much beauty and atmosphere can be found in these hidden, downtown places.

A second theme we will explore on this walk is one of the words of the year 2019: Overtourism. Are we experiencing this phenomenon in Vienna? How do visitors change the city? What creative solutions are authorities developing to deal with this perception of too many travellers in the centre of Vienna? What are the positive outcomes of travel?

This walk is free because we are celebrating the role of Geht Doch, who campaign for better access and rights for us walkers in Vienna. It will be a kind of debate-walk-meeting. Please join us.

This tour can be organised for your birthday, conference, or school group.