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VWW: Otto Wagner 12 Stunden

  • Mo. 02.08.2021
  • 09:00 — 21:00
  • 12 h 0 mins
  • 10, oder €50 fuers Gesamte Woche. . Es gibt kein Reservierung. Butte punktlich vor ort zu sein.
  • U4 Kettenbrueckengasse (exit: Naschmarkt)
  • +43 680 1254 354, Eugene Quinn
  • ionicons-v5-o eugene@whoosh.wien
  • German

This walk was originally developed in cooperation with Wien Museum, as part of their major retrospective on Wagner.

Just over 100 years after his death, we celebrate the work of the radical-elegant Vienna architect Otto Wagner, by exploring all his buildings in a single day. In previous years, we staged a Long March through Vienna, visiting every Bezirk (on foot, inside 9 hours). This summer, we play with the format, by looking at all of Otto Wagner, and the way he influenced our home town. 36 buildings, 16 Districts!
No reservations possible. Just be there on time.

This tour is the longest event of Vienna Walking Week, an attempt to show residents new ways of understanding their city.

This walk can be organised privately, for a group of any size.


Will you visit all of Wagner’s buildings in Vienna?

No. There are eight which we do not have time to see. But 36 buildings is plenty of architecture for one day.

Isn’t it crazy to make a 12-hour walk?


So why are you organising this event?

More than Theophil Hansen or anyone else, Otto Wagner is responsible for how our city looks today. We want to get a sense of the range and ambition of his ideas. And to understand how adventurous and wild Vienna was in that period.

And we see this adventure as not just a look at this classic Vienna stylist, but also at the city itself in summer 2021, since we will be visiting so much of our town in a single day.

Is the walk by bus?

We will travel by Wiener Linien tram, metro and bus, but also on foot. There is no private bus, because we want to get closer to the city. We are ecologists.

Will there be breaks?

Yes of course. We want the whole group to enjoy the walk, so we have stops planned in interesting and unusual locations.

Do I need to be physically fit to go on this walk?

If you are not used to walking, then this walk will not be suitable for you. You will sleep well at the end of the day! But you are welcome to join us for part of the journey, and then depart.

What if the weather is too hot or wet?

We will make the walk in every weather.

Will we go inside each building?

No, because we do not have time.

Who is the guide on this walk?

Eugene Quinn is a London-born, Vienna-based urbanist, who tells new stories about Vienna. He works for the Vienna art collective Whoosh, and organises unusual events across the city to build community, start debates and celebrate Vienna. He looks forward to hearing your opinions on the day.

Can I join the walk later, or leave early?

Yes of course. In case you want to find us later in the day, please call Eugene on 0680 1254354. But our focus is on a core group who really want to go deeper into the city, and stick with an intense and fascinating opportunity. This kind of walk rarely happens - in any city.

What should I bring on the day?

Camera, water, a sandwich, a Wiener Linien day pass, and lots of impressions of your experiences of Otto Wagner in Vienna, to share with us.

Wir freuen uns sehr über die finanzielle Unterstützung der Wirtschaftsagentur Wien und über die Förderung von Wien Tourismus, der Mobilitätsagentur und diversen Mediengruppen (inklusiv ORF). Außerdem sind wir stolz, dass wir in die Initiative Reparatur der Zukunft aufgenommen wurden, eine Kooperation von Ö1, Forum Alpbach, Ars Electronica und Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien.