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The Power of Humour to say Serious Things - interview with Eugene

  • Mi. 16.03.2022
  • 18:00 — 18:45
  • 0 h 45 mins
  • -
  • Musette,
    Westbahnstrasse 50,
    1070 Wien
  • english

Eugene finds humour is under-used in central Europe, and will explore the power, joy and innovation in comedy, which he uses in his work with Whoosh.wien. In conversation with Isabelle Blanc from the concept space, Musette in Neubau. Created in October by an Italian architect and a French curator, Musette takes a new theme every three months, and builds a concept store around it, using input from an academic or artist. Musette have been creating exhibition and theatre design for many years.
This will be an evening of cultural criticism, intercultural analysis and Apero. Social drinks and fine food at the end, in this charming, experimental space.
Free, with no registration required - but please check corona requirements, up to the last moment....
we will all have a chat at the end, so please join us.