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  • Mi. 01.06.2022
  • 16:00 — 17:30
  • 1 h 30 mins
  • entry with conference ticket to Urban Future Congress
  • Helsingborg City Hall, Sweden
  • english
How to communicate your idea to win supporter.
In this interactive session, Eugene will use the example of walking to show how you can get your message into the media, using storytelling tools.

We all love stories, and yet we take less time than before to tell them, or hear them. We at whoosh believe in the power of stories to inspire, to educate, and to entertain. They are at the heart of our project, in the form of city-storytelling - our name for using details of Vienna life to create tours and future urban adventures right across the city. Each city has its own culture, rhythm and character, and we want to help build the identity and attractiveness of life in Wien in 2022. And since stories need an audience, we aim to tell ours through events, press and in lectures.

Stories and myths play a central role in teaching each new generation how to live, to love, to belong, to enjoy rituals, and even how to follow the rules (for example in the Bible, Sherlock Holmes or Fünf Freunde). But we also need new narratives which make sense for our lives in the twenty-first century.

Eugene believes our lives are about collecting stories of our time on earth, which we enjoy telling our friends, and which help us make sense of the world. They help us connect with others, build trust and empathy, and they make life warmer and more enjoyable. So why is it that people used to collect in cafes to hear stories, but rarely do that now? During the pandemic, we discovered that by not leaving the house each day, there are fewer stories, because they come from contact with colleagues, lovers and strangers, combining with situations, places and ideally some form of novelty or innovation. We need them, and only miss them when they are not being created or told.

An inspiring, authentic story is key to getting people engaged. We’ll explore what good storytelling requires and give you the tools to create your own powerful impact story.