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BIG TOUR - All 31 Helsingborg Districts in a day

  • Fr. 03.06.2022
  • 10:00 — 16:00
  • 6 h 0 mins
  • free
  • in front of City Hall
  • english

This is something different. Most tours focus on a theme, but our focus is the whole of Helsingborg. We will do something few residents ever do - visit all 31 of the city's official administrative areas. We are not even sure how long it will take, or if it is possible. In Oslo, we failed, only getting to seven of the 15 areas there, since the city is so spread out, green and low-density. Here we are in another port city, but more compact, with just 100,000 inhabitants. We should make it, and still have some fun lunch along the way.
31 districts is an unusually high number of admin boroughs - so we will look at why some cities go with such fine locality and placemaking, while larger cities can have just 5 districts (New York City), or even none! London by contrast has 33, for 9million people, and Siena 17 Contrade, for just 5,000 inhabitants in the old town. Barcelona has ten, for 3million people. What is the optimum number? How can we tell we are in one or the other (some here have less than 1,000 population). A tour like this allows us to see how neighbourhoods fit together and speak to each other, but also to see the bits which other tours usually avoid. We celebrate the contemporary city, in dialogue with locals.

Leader: Eugene Quinn, and others.