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  • Mi. 08.06.2022
  • 10:15 — 12:15
  • 2 h 0 mins
  • - [EU-financed experiment to teach students about practical climate change]
  • ortszentrum, vorplatz der schule.
  • German
The European Commission is investing in a Green Deal, to show the way to a cleaner, more sustainable future. And we are thrilled to be invited to participate. Thanks to Andreas Lindinger from Denkstatt in Wien, who saw the potential for Whoosh to inspire students in a less urban space - Kirchdorf-an-der-Krems in Oberoesterreich - to re-explore their home town from a new perspective.
This is a joyous street tour, a school visit, a series of interviews, and ultimately a campaign to save the world. We all need to lean in to climate change, and avoid the worst consequences of it.
So what will we look at on this unusual tour?: the future of food, education, water, tourism, work, mobility (the key issue in rural areas), friendship and the digital world. It is an interactive walk, and also a statement that both Kirchdorf and the EU are engaged with future thinking.
The tour will be led by students from Kirchdorf, and Eugene Quinn.