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School Prom Gymnasium am Augarten - with dj Eugene, in MuTh

  • Mi. 15.06.2022
  • 00:30 — 03:00
  • 2 h 30 mins
  • MuTh, Obere Augarten Strasse 1, Leopoldstadt
  • German
On 15 June, from midnight-thirty, Eugene will help celebrate the newest generation of school-leavers, from the Gymnasium am Augarten, better known as Karajanschule, in Brigittenau.
And since the party takes place in MuTh - the youth concert house of Wiener Saengerknaben, this represents a sort of homecoming, as Eugene taught English at that school, ten years ago.
dj Eugene takes inspiration from the youth - generation Alpha - who campaign for social justice through Fridays for Future, and are so gender fluid and with varied cultural backgrounds. They speak bravely about mental health challenges, faced up to the challenge of learning in a pandemic, and are digital natives with skills many adults dream of. They are much more vegetarian than older people, and are represented by people like Billie Eilish, Greta Thunberg and tennis-player Coco Gauff.
Since there is interesting diversity at the school, so we make a worldwide tour of music reflecting the kids' heritage, and they show us how to dance to music from Iran, Chechnya, Nigeria and China.
Eugene is in many ways still a child himself, and is happy to have the opportunity to fill up a room with dancing joy and play.
Though this event is focused on that school, we are happy to remind you that DJing is one of the skills Whoosh offers for many different audiences