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WU Wien Tour of Bricolage Careers

  • Mi. 06.07.2022
  • 15:00 — 17:00
  • 2 h 0 mins
  • three-day seminar ticket is needed
  • 1020
  • english
Bricolage has become very hip in art, coding, fashion and education. Yet few people know what it means. We plan to bring the concept alive on the streets of Vienna, in cooperation with the Economics University of Vienna.
The word means a collection of parts from diverse sources. And we will use it to describe the new career path for many freelances, where they adopt a variety of skills and roles in their daily work. Many knowledge workers have bricolage careers, where they spread out their focus, to keep themselves stimulated, busy, and in touch with different groups of colleagues.
This day will be a cooperation with universities across Europe, and is an unusual experiment. Eugene will present various symbolic buildings and spaces to see what the options are for a colourful, exotic working life, composed of contrasting elements. His own career has certainly been quixotic.
While this tour is for an academic event, and so you need to join all three days to join us this time, Eugene will stage the walk later in the year, for the Viennese public.