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  • Do. 07.07.2022
  • 08:00 — 20:45
  • 12 h 45 mins
  • -
  • magDas Hotel salon, Laufbergergasse, 1020
  • english

To welcome the space researchers from EGOS (European Group for Organisational Studies) to Vienna, an alternative view. Eugene leads them on a tour of Vienna's worst architecture, and then presents the ways in which Whoosh plays with the city, in a PowerPoint presentation in magdas Hotel's fine salon. The tour is closed, but the talk is open to anybody, and there will be a lively group of academics there, as part of the discussion. Please join us. More info: https://egos.org/2022_Vienna/G...

And it is difficult to say when we will start, since we make a freestyle tour first. Please be patient - there are few better places to hang out than the garden of this innovative hotel.