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Red Vienna Social Housing Presentation from Eugene, for OEAD & Alternative Economic & Monetary Systems Summer School

  • Mi. 27.07.2022
  • 18:30 — 20:00
  • 1 h 30 mins
  • 0
  • TU the Sky, TU Wien, Getreidemarkt, 1060 (U1/4 Karlsplatz)
  • english

In the course of our two summer universities Green.Building.Solutions. and Alternative Economic and Monetary Systems, Eugene has been asked to moderate a public panel discussion on the topic of social and ecological housing, using Vienna in the 1920s as an example. He will also present a 10 minute slideshow on Social housing in Austria and Red Vienna.

Guiding questions for discussion:

- How was it possible to finance and build so much affordable housing in a relatively short time back then? (Red Vienna)

- What can we learn from this for today? How can we apply these lessons today in terms of ecological housing?

- How can more sustainability in the housing sector be financed?

- What does / how should the future of the building sector look like?

We will have 4 panelists.

The audience will consist of 150 worldwide participants from the two summer schools, plus Viennese residents interested in the theme. The view is spectacular from the top of TU! No need to register.