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  • Fr. 16.06.2023
  • 10:00 — 12:30
  • 2 h 30 mins
  • gratis
  • 16., U6 Josefstädterstr. Ausg: Neulerchenfelderstr. (West).
  • Google Maps
  • +43 680 1254 354, Eugene Quinn
  • ionicons-v5-o eugene@whoosh.wien
  • German

For Wir Sind Wien.Festival, we remix our tour, to start on the much-discussed Brunnenmarkt, where you can get worldwide smells all in one place.

Take a walk on the wild side. We invite you to sniff your way around Vienna, approaching the city like a dog.

How does it smell? Since we are looking at the westside of the city, you get hints of the Vienna woods, of mountain air and a fresh breeze, but also sausages, coffee, chocolate, beer and street markets. We step inside some legendary establishments to go deeper into the olfactory qualities of this fragrant capital. But also visit the dark side: U6 underground line, some public toilets, a highway and the whiff of horse urine left under the Fiakers.

Why are there no smells walks of our city? Why do we think that cities smell bad - when they mostly don’t? How has the city’s odour changed over the last 30 years. Which smells of 19th century Vienna remain, and what are the new signature scents of the city? Which smells have migrants brought with them? How do smells vary across the seasons? Which are your guilty pleasure scents – those smells you are uncomfortable about enjoying?

We will do some breathing exercises, tell funny stories, and compare how Vienna smells to other big cities worldwide. What are the fragrances that tell you immediately you are here? It is a special sensation to come across a scent and instantly be transported back to a person, a place, or a part of your life. In an age of global corporate blandness, we are looking for smells that remind us of home, and a sense of place.

Why do we mostly think of grass and trees when planning a walk, instead of architecture and people and LIFE? We want to take Vienna on some urban adventures, into public space and innovation and lively groups of people coming together for good conversation and discovery.

Smells like WIEN Spirit was selected as one of the top 5 alternative tours in Europe, in The Guardian. It has attracted extensive international media attention, as Vienna social innovation. We are proud that this text you are reading was selected by the International Baccalaureate to feature in their German-language exam, as a beautiful piece of writing to stretch young people's imagination.

Singles are specially welcome, since the walk is full of theatre and provocation, and the group quickly starts a debate. These events attract a lively mix of locals and worldwide visitors.

The walk can be reserved privately for birthdays, office parties, conferences, or as a present, in English or German.

We walk in any weather - and in fact the city smells fascinating in rain, storms and wind. No reservations possible. Just be there on time.

Here is the programme for the rest of Wir Sind Wien.Festival.