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Urban Future: Stuttgart Ugly

  • Fr. 23.06.2023
  • 09:00 — 11:30
  • 2 h 30 mins
  • part of the conference ticket
  • TBA
  • english
Here we go again!
After popular events in Vienna and Munich, we turn our attention to Stuttgart's architectural mistakes. The city does not have a great reputation, either with locals or visitors. This is a critical look at which kind of city we all want to live in.
We will start with a humorous article in Stuttgarter Zeitung, where we invite locals to tell us what buildings they find not so beautiful. We will start a debate on various forums, and then invite the public to come and vote on the choice of ugliness. Initially, the tour is for participants at Urban Future, but we will return, and open it up to the public, if there is enough interest.
The reaction of city authorities has been fascinating, with Eugene receiving regular fines in Vienna, from Stadt Wien (and much criticism from the official tour guides), but in Munich, the government actually organised the walk, which changed the atmosphere. They showed themselves to be more flexible and curious about what we could achieve together. But in both cities, the public showed up in huge numbers, including an engaged audience of architects, planners, pensioners, students, journalists and urbanists. Everybody is welcome to join the debate in public space.
What is S21? What's the difference between boring and ugly architecture? Why are so many buildings grey? How can we reduce the number of cars? Can building sites be made more interesting, visually? is the Schwabian accent stylish? How to take control back from greedy developers of boxy shopping centres, gated communities, penthouses on rooves, parking garages, the role of street art in lifting districts and fighting back against the boring. What effect did the Nazis have on the look of the city, and allied bombers?
Led by Eugene Quinn.