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VWW: Back to 1900: Freudian Wien

  • Sa. 29.07.2023
  • 10:30 — 15:30
  • 5 h 0 mins
  • 10. U14: Gratis. Oder €50 fuer die gesamte Woche.
  • U2 Messe Wien. Ausgang: Messe.
  • German

One of the pleasures of making unorthodox tours around Vienna is that I now get calls asking me to design new walks. I made a 5-hour tour for a Brasilian psychoanalyst, who wanted to discover the early life of Sigmund Freud, & so we visited his school, places he used to walk, cafes, & the hospital & university where he first worked. We talked of the smells & look of Wien back then, & of course the writers & thinkers he was friends with, to build the context. And now I offer this tour to the Vienna public, to understand the early life of a true Vienna pioneer. Here is some very rare audio of Freud speaking to BBC in exile in London, in English - and being funny - where he died (and where his family have now become very famous).