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  • Fr. 04.08.2023
  • 10:00 — 13:30
  • 3 h 30 mins
  • 50 für die gesamte Woche, oder €10 pro Walk. Kinder U14 gratis. Es gibt kein Reservierung. Bitte punktlich vor ort zu sein.
  • U2 Krieau, Ausg: Krieau. Wir gehen bei jede Wetter.
  • German
This tour is part of Vienna Walking Week, a midsummer celebration of our hometown as an excellent place to discover on foot. 16 tours in 8 days, with something for everybody.
Eugene Quinn is best known in Vienna for showing the Viennese a selection of the worst architecture in our elegant city. He has become known as Mr Ugly. In reality, that tour is a love letter to the stylish melancholy of Wien, and we pass many lovely buildings, which Eugene asks the group to ignore.

So with this tour, it is time for revenge. We will look at ten of the best examples of architecture, in a seriously beautiful city. And just like on the ugly tour, the group will vote on whether they agree the choices look good. The selection ranges across hundreds of years, and is very subjective. We need to look forward as well as back, and consider the ecological consequences of new build.