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VIENNA DESIGN WEEK STADTARBEIT - How to be Austrian on Karmelitermarkt

  • Sa. 23.09.2023
  • 11:00 — 12:30
  • 1 h 30 mins
  • Cafe Gärtner Mustafa, Im Werd 3, 1020 (Karmelitermarkt)
  • english

There are three hard-core drinking bars left on Karmelitermarkt: 6er Haus, Die Pferdefleischerei, and Mustafa's Cafe Gärtner. Stories of bad behaviour in Gärtner Bar are legendary, but it is also an important community hub for the population in neighbouring Gemeindebauten. Karmeliterviertel is not as fancy as many outsiders think. There is a picture of Marshall Tito on the wall, reflecting Muki's origins in Macedonia, before he became a professional wrestler, and then went to prison. If the house or address look familiar, that is because Eugene lives upstairs, and is a regular here, and his son Josef often plays darts in the bar, until later in the evening. This will be one of the more intimate spaces at Vienna Design Week, with plenty of time to make friends and build new networks.

Muki's bar becomes the second place where we will offer up the Austrian citizenship test to the Austrians, and anybody interested to see how they score. Since the market will be in full flow, it is also a chance to buy some interesting cheese, coffee and bread.

This series of Stadtarbeit events for Vienna Design Week, is a cooperation with Caritas Wien and Vermehrt Schönes from Erste Bank. Please join us for free - no registration possible. Here are more events which form part of this year's Design Week, in the focus district Leopoldstadt: Vienna Design Week