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Old Magdas Hotel welcomes Staatsbürgerschaftsprüfung - & 10 years of Stadtarbeit Vermehrt Schönes celebration

  • Mi. 27.09.2023
  • 16:00 — 17:00
  • 1 h 0 mins
  • -
  • 2., old magdas Hotel, & Vienna Design Week Festivalzentrale, Laufbergerg. 12
  • German

One last chance to visit the special original magdas Hotel, in Prater, as part of Vienna Design Week. Eugene returns to Caritas Wien's innovative magdas Hotel, almost 10 years after this party, where Eugene was DJ, playing music from all of the refugees' homelands:

magdas flyer 2014
late night 2014

And since this day will also be a party and conference to celebrate ten years of Erste Bank's Vermehrt Schönes sponsorship of Vienna Design Week's Stadtarbeit (social design) prize, so you have even more reasons to come along and join our event, where Austrians can take their citizenship test, and find out if they could get an Austrian passport, if they applied. It will be fun. No registration possible - just show up!

More details here soon: https://www.viennadesignweek.a...