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  • Mi. 25.10.2023
  • 11:00 — 18:00
  • 7 h 0 mins
  • gratis
  • 22., Technologiezentrum Seestadt, Christine-Touaillon-Straße 11
  • German

10% of the population of Vienna are students, across 22 universities, and this makes our city much younger than most. 1/3 of them are not Austrian, but many choose to stay here, after graduating. To ensure this optimistic situation remains, we need affordable, attractive, ecological housing for these new residents. And so Eugene will moderate a day of discussion, ideas and new perspectives. This is a symposium created by Wohnservice, OeAD student house builders, Wohnbaustadträtin Kathrin Gaál, plus some students, Helga Kromp-Kolb and the innovative architects of the Greenhouse in Seestadt.

Eugene will bring his usual lively style of presentation, and there will be fine sustainable food and wine at the end, to encourage networking and new friendships. This is another opportunity to discover Europe's largest smart city development up close, but also to explore the future of our city as a sustainable and forward-focused place.

Whoosh has a long-term interest in education, including tours for students, and tours about educational architecture here (good and bad), plus Eugene DJing at many school balls and providing the political soundtrack to many education-themed events, and social-dining across different universities, and Eugene teaching at different higher education institutions. We love learning.