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TU WIEN RINGVORLESUNG - AKTIVE MOBILITÄT Eugene speaks on How to Walk in the City

  • Mi. 13.03.2024
  • 18:00 — 20:00
  • 2 h 0 mins
  • 0
  • TU Wien Hörsaal AE U1 - 1 - BI
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  • english

Eugene will look at creativity, developed through urban walking, and where to walk for more joy in Wien. He previously presented a remixed version of this lecture to the United Nations Academy of Sustainable Urban Mobility.

We will explore the ways in which Whoosh gets the Viennese to see new perspectives on their own city, through political and alternative themes. But also the romance of urban walking, the mental health benefits in building community, how to be more creative by problem-solving through walking, and the ecological elements of using your own feet. And of course he will speak about the provocation of making an ugly tour, and why he has three times paid fines (total of €1200) to Stadt Wien for making illegal tours.

Am Forschungsbereich werden verschiedene Ringvorlesungen angeboten. Wir beschäftigen uns mit Aktiver Mobilität (Sommersemester) und Öffentlichem Verkehr (Wintersemester). Weiters bieten wir im Wintersemester eine Ringvorlesung an, wo wir den Fokus auf Ethik und Technik legen.

Thanks to mobility researcher Barbara Laa for this cooperation. It is the first of several ways we will work together. Here is a detailed list of other speakers in the series.