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Euro Capital of Culture 2024 Salzkammergut: Dom & Euge lead 3-day Storytelling Mountain Walk

  • Fr. 31.05.2024 — 02.06.2024 17:00
  • 10:00
  • 7 h 0 mins
  • Bad Ischl Railway Station
  • english

Something a little different! We had some beautiful news - colleagues Dominik & Eugene have been invited to participate in the European Capital of Culture festival in Bad Ischl in 2024. Our project is a 3-day storytelling walk up in the hills above the towns there, with campfires, music, interactive stories & so much inspiring beauty. A true adventure - more details soon.

We will explore the myths of mountains, the influence of weather, dialect, the role of mountain guides, meet some sheep, eat local food, understand glaciers and time, share all of our biographies, and give themes to each day, to focus our tales and fantasy. Storytelling is universal and provincial, hip and timeless, not limited to any class or level of education, a fundamental need in all of us (see Hollywood, great novels, Bible...) and a way we communicate our values and dreams, from one generation to the next. We aim to build a project across 3 days, with photography, free imagination and a way to get to know each other more deeply. Please join us.

We want this to be a creative European moment, in unusual spaces. And we will sleep well at the end of each day. From 1200 applicants for Capital of Culture, just 11 have been selected to get an extra focus from the Dachstein Tourism group, which allows us to offer tickets at a lower price.

Since Brexit happened, Eugene is thrilled (as a Brit) to be allowed to sneak back into a pan-European cultural fest!