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VWW: Jugendstil

  • Sa. 20.07.2024
  • 10:00 — 13:00
  • 3 h 0 mins
  • 10, oder €50 für alle 16 Führungen. Kinder unter 14 gratis.
  • tbc
  • German

Der Zeit ihre Kunst

Der Kunst ihre freiheit.

Vienna is viewed internationally as a conservative city. But in 1900, the whole world was looking at us for innovation and wild new thinking, in art, literature, music, psychology, philosophy, and of course in architecture. While Kaiser Franz Joseph was sceptical about new things, he still allowed them. On this walking tour, we will look at the context of Jugendstil, the politics and networks, the sources of the movement, and its leading players. It was adventurous, radical, and beautiful. And it still looks fresh and works well.

This walk is part of Vienna Walking Week, our summer celebration of home, from new perspectives. Each year, we explore one moment in our architectural history, and analyse what it says to us about who we are now.