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  • Sa. 17.08.2024
  • 14:00 — 16:00
  • 2 h 0 mins
  • 10. u14 gratis. Einwohnerinnen vom Grätzl auch gratis.
  • 10., Mädchenbühne, Mitte der Platzl.
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In 2024, there is no more discussed street in Wien than Reumannplatz, with stabbings, shootings and reported chaos. But we want to show who lives and works here, why it is such good public space, how Favoriten is developing, and what is making the youth angry. Sure, there is drugs and violence, and some tension between different groups who live nearby, but Reumannplatz is a creative space, young, dynamic, fun, loud and social. We will enjoy some Tichy ice, look at Amalienbad, a beautiful neo-gothic church, some fast-food dealers and the topography of south Vienna. The square was redeveloped in 2021, with some strange new features, and has fewer cars now which is great news. Why do people collect here? - because it is at the heart of the community, and because so many of the migrants here come from places where private houses are less important than friendship, engagement and play. What role do the police play in calming, securing or provoking the mood on Reumannplatz.

And because this is a Whoosh approach, we will come into contact with residents, make ourselves comfortable, find out who Viktor Adler was, and look at some of the key integration and inclusion issues in Vienna now, from family size to poverty, language to religion, sport to gender, toxic masculinity and how to avoid future tensions.

Finally, what is Eugene's theory of street capital, and why does Favoritenstrasse score so highly?