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  • Do. 24.10.2024
  • 19:00 — 21:00
  • 2 h 0 mins
  • gratis
  • Wien Museum Neu, Karlsplatz
  • German

In September 2023, Whoosh staged the Austrian Citizenship Test in a pub quiz format, for Vienna Design Week, all over Leopoldstadt. But never in a pub - instead Magdas Hotel, Fluc, Sigmund Freud Gymnasium, Central Garden, Mustafa's Cafe Gärtner & a SPÖ pensioners' club. Christine Koblitz, responsible for Wien Museum's social media, saw potential to adapt the concept for her museum, and so we sat and developed the idea of a Vienna focused 2 hour quiz, with beer, up on the roof of the museum, which you can see in the image above.

We are honoured to cooperate once again with Wien Museum, our excellent, critical, humorous city museum. We have combined with this mighty institution for twelve years now, starting with the first ever Tischgespräche in April 2012, followed by six tours: Russian Wien, all of Otto Wagner on his birthday (12 hour tour), Ten Gemeindebauten from ten Decades (for the 100 years of Rotes Wien expo, in Floridsdorf), Gumpendorferstrasse's psychogeography & creative networks, the best spots for people-watching in Vienna, as part of the Street Photography exhibition, and last spring, a tour of the atmosphere in Vienna in 1923, as part of the Bauhaus exhibition.

The pub quiz will be monthly, free, with cool prizes, and a focus on current exhibitions in the museum, plus music, politics, history, architecture, city living, celebrities, food, literature, and whatever is happening in the city at the time. You do not need to come with a whole team, but can join with others spontaneously, to form your own team. Tell your friends about our experiment.

Presenters are Christine and Eugene