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Ecological Activism

We all sense the effects of climate change, and yet few Viennese are changing their diet, mobility or housing arrangements. Green Party voters are some of the worst offenders when it comes to flying, owning a second home, and driving cars.

Whoosh is all about the future. And the future is ecological. The climate crisis is coming at us fast, and so we need to recognise and celebrate those green heroes who are making a difference.

Walking is the most environmental form of mobility. We love it and promote it. Moving around your neighbourhood on foot promotes trust, community and... gossip! Please join us on one of our 90 public walks, if you are organising a conference, party or Klausur.

Walkers vote differently to car-drivers, looking for change, progressive politics and play.

Eugene started his career as an activist at Greenpeace in London, aged 21, and has three times been arrested at environmental protests. We recently read a lot about COP26 in Glasgow, but Eugene was part of a provocative campaign at COP1 in Berlin in 1995, dressed as a monk, along with 3 other activists, as we followed around the 'Pope of Petrol', a Saudi lobbyist trying to sabotage any agreement to limit fossil-fuel outputs. He was so uncomfortable at becoming the centre of attention and photography, that he left the Forum.

We need flexibility, creativity, and adaptation. We need much more female engagement with power and technology, at the senior level, and for the Austrian education system to change fast.

Since gaming is so hip, we propose:

1. kids love games

2. climate crisis

3. gamify ecology

4. winning big prizes for saving carbon, against other schools, families, classes. Let’s go!

We offer all kinds of colourful eco events all across the city:

Vienna Walking Week, where we show that it is not necessary to fly away on holiday to experience the exotic, fresh, beautiful and new, with a #TourismForLocals event, featuring 15 fresh tours across 8 days, every year. 29jul-5aug2022. Here is how ORF reported it in 2020: https://orf.at/stories/3173636...

Urban Walking is more sustainable than rural, for city-dwellers - Eugene explained why at his 2016 TED Talk

Eugene was thrilled to be invited to speak in front of the United Nations Academy of Sustainable Urban Mobility, about how walking should be valued more highly. The audience was composed of participants out of the developing world, including Rwanda, Guatemala, Peru, Bhutan and Ghana.

Bringing things back to a local, educational level, 150+ Vienna schools have experienced the Invisible Smart City tour, where we come to understand the visionary, utopian nature of future urban thinking. We hope to bring this into the funding of Green Deal, so that every school child can discover a more optimistic, engaged, ecological future.

With the Food Safari tour, we discover food out of three continents, with one course in each restaurant, exploring African, Asian and European cuisine, while staying within 2 Bezirke. And in each restaurant, the chef tells us how s/he had to change her food, to sell it to the Austrians. It is an opportunity to go beyond the cliches. And a postmodern exploration of diversity. In between the food, we explore how Vienna has diversified since 1989. Eugene is just one of the 36% of adults in Wien who were born outside of Austria (& the 30% who cannot vote).

Green Wien tour, including urban gardening, green balconies & food sustainability, visiting Augarten, Donaukanal and comparing Hannovermarkt & Karmelitermarkt prices, customers, food and sellers.

Eugene has developed a colourful slide presentation on Better uses for Streets than Cars, which was delivered to Gleis 21, UniWien Urban geography Sociologists, FSV (city-planning association of Austria) and Lokale Agenda 21 at Reaktor.

For Urban Future Conference 2019 (the largest smart city conference in Europe) in Oslo, I live-blogged the trip from Wien-Oslo by train and bus.

I co-curated #kommraus – Forum Öffentlicher Raum for Stadt Wien, 83 events exploring, debating and bringing alive public space, including how to use it better, with climate change.

I was DJ at Cargobike Fest in Alte Post, playing cycling music, including this playful tune:

And since walking is a metaphor for courage and independence, dj Eugene played only Walking songs at Walk21 conference (we have songs called Walk on the Wild Side, These Boots are made for Walking, Don`t Walk Away, Walking on the Moon and You'll Never Walk alone).

I presented the CityBike Uphill Challenge Award, celebrating innovation in cycle-riding in Wien.

I wrote the intro to Grätzloasen’s cool photobook collection of the best Vienna Parklets.

I added jokes to a series of speeches Deputy-Mayor Maria Vassilakou made in Asia and Australasia in 2017.

Teaching in TU Raumplanung dept on Street Capital, Eugene's fresh theory about how to measure the Fellini factor on Wien sidewalks.

I consult with 150 BOKU cell researchers on making their work on combating climate change in plants more present in Austrian public life.

I will moderate the 2022 Energy Cities Forum in NL, looking for innovative ways to make the energy transition.

Bundesministerium fuer Klimaschutz - Forschungsforum Mobilitaet Nov 2021 - Vortrag von Eugene: Lebendiger Asphalt - Warum wir unsere Straßen nicht den Autos überlassen sollten