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Daria Orlandini

Portrait von Daria Orlandini


I am Daria, an adventurer who, after being born in Vienna, and then immediately escaping to Italy, decided to return to live it, discover it and let myself be carried away by its movement.

As my parents were of two different nationalities, Italian and Austrian, I was lucky enough from an early age to be able to participate in the experiment, for me successful, of Multiculturalism and the intersection of different perspectives of life.

After finishing my studies in Political Science and International Development in Trento, I decided to come to Vienna in search of personal and professional growth. Whoosh also believes in the experiment of multiculturalism, and intersection between different realities living in the same urban space, which is why I decided to join them.

Whether it is through my eyes, my nose, my hands, a ball, a racket or a bike, I always try to get in touch with the reality that surrounds me, and its inhabitants! I look forward to doing this in Vienna too.

Pura vida.