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Gabriel Furmuzachi

Portrait von Gabriel Furmuzachi

Bringing new narratives into the world is what I do. Whether analog or digital, visual or audio, written or drawn, every project is a journey, an exploration of the world and, at the same time, of myself and my own limits.

As a philosopher, I research and publish articles on language, identity and multiculturalism. I am also involved with WIKiPhilo and the Philosophy for Children (P4C) movement in Vienna, where we nurture curiosity and self-discovery in children and young adults. I also write short stories and make audio pieces. Some of them have won prizes or made it on shortlists worldwide.

Curious by nature, I am excited to be part of Whoosh, to discover and pursue cross-disciplinary ideas with a team of like-minded people in the vibrant city of Vienna. The Internet is an extension of the public space and it shines when it is used locally, when it mobilizes people and creates communities, when it shares the stories and sounds and images of our lives as we live them in this city. Through Whoosh I want to bring my contribution to our local digital garden where we each plant and cultivate ideas into bright new innovations and tell new stories about this city and its people.