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Iva Shokoska

Portrait von Iva Shokoska

The world turns out to be an overwhelming place, so I help people connect with each other by designing places that are full of possibilities and great experiences. I am an architect and a designer, passionate about creating cities that are inclusive, diverse, and creative.

I am a devoted city-wanderer. And also a mountaineer. I am constantly rediscovering Vienna through different lenses-tracing past landscapes, getting lost in the city, or even eating somewhere dubious. I think that one of the greatest joys of getting to know a city is by fully engaging with it, not skimming over it.

Currently, I am working on developing design concepts of ecological and climate-sensitive architecture, with a focus on schools as spaces that provide inspiring and stimulating spaces for children. By practicing architecture and planning, I learned to be a critical observer, a place-maker, an enthusiastic designer, and an eager researcher. Looking for creative solutions comes naturally to me - and I am bringing all of that with me to Whoosh.