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Persy Bulayumi

Portrait von Persy Bulayumi

Persy Bulayumi, a Kinshasa-born Kagraner, corporate manager, social worker, youth adviser, teacher, feminist, philosopher and all-round wise man.

Persy is a fascinating enigma. Just when you think you know what he is about, he will surprise you with a new angle or role, and it is this restless curiosity which makes him a natural fit for our work in city storytelling and creative community-building. Straight out of Aspern, he is socially-engaged, clever and wise. With broad experience across political activism, social work, education, marketing and psychology, he also makes room for parties, funny creative writing, sport and conceptual art.

He is an entrepreneur and business executive, but his heart is in social innovation and consciousness. Persy brings good vibes, warmth and spirit to everyday life, and is intellectual but also grounded and funny. He has a dynamism and way of presenting ideas which means he is known in many different Vienna circles. We at Whoosh are proud to have him as a loose member of our collective, where he has led a Feminism for Men tour of Brigittenau public space, a Roots of Vienna Racism exploration, presenting the Staatsbürgerschaftsprüfung with Eugene in his old school (as part of Vienna Design Week) and we are developing a creativity schools roadshow (with a focus on self-confidence and adventure). And hopefully next summer, a placemaking spoken word tour of Kagran, in dialogue with the youth of the district.

Specifically, he is a part of the collectives IDB - Initiative für ein diskriminierungsfreies Bildungswesen, Schwarze Frauen Community, and is an extended team member of the Wir sind auch Wien collective, founded by Parissima Taheri and Farah Saad with a focus on mental health advocacy structures for BIPoC (Black, Indigenous and Peoploe of Color) and also alternative representation. He has experience in empowering youth with different institutions, entities and players, like Wien Work integrative Betriebe & Ausbildung, the newly-founded project Demokratie, was geht?, Tupoka Ogette and the Austrian school system. He was a tutor for people with disabilities at Wiener Sozialdienste, training also at Caritas and WU, KICK OFF Management Consulting in quality management and Lebens- und Sozialberatung.

In one of his leading roles, as a youth coach - which he still engages in – he is activist with Pioneers of Change, alongside his community-building roles. He works very effectively on anti-discrimination and anti-racism campaigns.

If Persy calls to suggest a night out in Wien, you know it is going to be special, memorable and fun, full of good conversation.

Here is a taste of how Herr Bulayumi approaches his Grätzl.