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#Presentations (& moderation, workshops, consultancy)

Presentation is a central element of what we at Whoosh do. As well as having good ideas, it is important that people can discover them, through stylish speeches. Whoosh can show you how to do that, with Eugene coming to present to your colleagues, school or conference, on a range of unusual subjects. ‘The more things I’ve done over the years, the more I get asked to talk about those ideas and what I learned from them. It’s fun to meet people who share your interests and who you can help to create something new. I travel around to generate ideas and organise workshops. And since my colleague Rachele is a photographer who creates the social media for Westlicht, our visuals at the talks are beautiful.’
Eugene has spoken all over Europe on creativity and a playful approach to celebrating the city. Among his gigs were 3 TED Talks, a lecture to the UN on Optimism, interviews on the Gartenbaukino stage and in MAK & Funkhaus, the closing fest of steirischer herbst 2016, and regular teaching in the Spatial Planning Department of Vienna Technical University.

His tours are also a form of moving presentation, so please see those options on our Walking & the City page. They are a mix of debate in public space, and street cabaret.

He can present to your group or conference (De/En) on…

Rebellious Optimism

Remixing the City (branding and urban storytelling)

Fear & Fail (about learning from mistakes and having the courage to continue)

Why some ideas go viral, & most do not (originally made to a biological virus seminar in Hamburg)

Green Deal and the City: How to Transform Cities for Livability and Affordability?

Why we all should Walk more in Cities, for creativity

Why we should walk more, to develop community and belonging (first given to the UN Sustainable Urban Mobility unit)

A History of Walking in Films (illustrated lecture, originally delivered to Walk21 Global Walking Conference)

How to get your story into the media

FSV-Planungsseminar 2020: Nutzungsvielfalt des öffentlichen ( Strassen-) Raums

How to deal with the "difficult ones": Maria Vassilakou & Eugene Quinn speak in Sweden

Why Public Space Matters

Vienna Semiotics (a photographic talk on how to read Vienna in 2022)

Social Design for Vienna (originally in MAK, at Biennale)

Using Tourism for City-Branding

What has Britain ever done for us? (a humorous approach to Brexit, looking at Britain’s relationship with Europe, itself, and innovation)

Urban Interactions: How Networks drive City Change (TU Spatial-planning)

Freud Family legacy in London and New York City

Turning points- Eugene presents to incoming Leuphana Students

Better uses for Streets than cars – a history of cool social interventions (for BMK)

How migrants help drive social change, and get ahead in business.

The power of Humour to make serious points

What is Whoosh?

11 Things learning a Second language have taught me

Top 10 songs played at British funerals in 2021

Innovation for NPOs: storytelling, celebrations, provocation and engaging new communities

The 25 Best British Music Performances of all time (lecture combined with YouTube)

How to be Austrian (humorous observations on integration of foreigners, as team-building exercise, for insights)

Austrian Citizenship Test, for Austrians, as humorous pub quiz for colleagues

Communicate the (Climate) change: How to reach a different audience

Communicating SDGs: Eugene presents to Toronto York University

How Names influence Placemaking

40 Dos & Don'ts for Conferences & Workshops (a humorous contribution to Seminars)

Inspirational Best (& Worst) Practice in Participation

Ideas to bring the space in front of your building to life

When Music meets Football: What fans sing and why, from crowd songs to national anthems & pop hits

Remixing Vienna: using tourism for city-branding (Lecture)

Why Vienna is the Best City in the World to Live

Zukunfts-Talk zu Kommunikation, verkehr und sozialen Netzwerken im offenen Haus Oberwart.

How to break up men's love affair with their cars: UF CONGRESS

TU Wien Ringvorlesung- Aktive Mobilität

Urban future Congress 2024- Rotterdam

Eugene also offers creative consultancy and strategy for city communications.

Other places Eugene has spoken: Creative Mornings Vienna, Salzburg Summer School, Urban Future Conference, WU, MODUL, Uni Wien, FH Wien, FH Technikum, MAK, Pecha Kucha, Tandlermarkt, Gutes Leben für Alle Kongress, Green City (München), MARKK (HH), International Hotel Investment & Design Conference, Green Building Solutions Awards, Grayling PR Innovation Lab, Volkshilfe Innovation Forum, Kultur Konzepte Summer School, Walk21 Kongress, Open House Wien Opening.